"I would say that these women weren’t just two people that I had hired to be with me while I gave birth. Throughout the process they became friends. They truly love to help women bring their babies into the world and I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather have there with me on such a special day." - Angela

"So, when you are put in my shoes in the hospital, and you are an active participant in your wife's labor, you will literally need ten hands.  I had two, and Evangeline covered the other 8 hands. I was on my feet 24/7 and didn't get many breaks.  The breaks I received were only because I had trust in Evangeline, who would help Melissa while I ran to the restroom, or would give me a drink of water while Melissa was having contractions, or would have a blanket or sheets or towels.  Without her help, I would have been lost!" - Nicholas

Ashley Barnes and Evangeline Schepper are labor doulas with a wide range of birth types and experiences. We service Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Cantonment, Florida areas.