Cloth diapering must haves!

When I started out on my cloth diapering journey I was quickly overwhelmed by all the options, suggestions, and conflicting advice. So instead of continuing to research I just decided to jump in and lean as I went. Now almost two years and two kiddos later, I have come to love and rely on a few tried and true accessories. 


  1. Wet/Dry Bag: If you have done ANY research into the realm of cloth diapering you have probably heard that you need a wet/dry bag. While this is definitely true, not all bags are equal. FIRST your bag should have TWO pockets, a smaller outer pocket and a large, main pocket that is lined with the PUL fabric. This is important because you can store your “dry” or unused diapers or any accessories in the smaller pocket and put all the dirty diapers and wipes in the main pocket. This is my all time favorite bag because it locks in the stench and never leaks, two very important components!! 
  2. Cloth Wipes: Now I’ll be honest it took me some time, a lot of time actually, to switch to cloth wipes. I have no idea why I was so reluctant to switching but part of me thought they would be to much work. BAH! I finally decided to take an afternoon and make my own wipes by combining two baby wash clothes and sewing them together. Ever since the switch, the hubby and I have been kicking ourselves for taking so long! Cloth wipes are so much better than disposables!! So take the plunge, it’s WORTH it!
  3. Glass Spray Bottle: To accompany the cloth wipes and to have diaper rash spray on the go, a good quality glass spray bottle is a must! I made my own cloth wipes solution as well as diaper rash cream and spray that I can easily tote in my bag without worrying about spills. 
  4. Diaper Sprayer: This thing is amazing! Who wants to get up-close and personal with a soiled diaper? NOT ME!!!
  5. Wipes Warmer: This is another item that took me a while to warm up to, no pun intended. This handy gadget makes using cloth wipes so much easier. Simply put your wipes in this and pour the solution over them and close the lid. Not only is this an easy way to store and use your wipes but it keeps them warm! 
  6. Diaper Caddie: I’m all about finding ways to make daily tasks easier and one way that has really worked for my family is to use a diaper caddie. This portable diaper changing station allows me to keep all the must haves on hand so I can change a diaper without leaving the living room! Bonus, it’s in a cute basket!