7 Reasons to Hire Pensacola Birth Services

7 Reasons to Hire Pensacola Birth Services

1. Non-biased:

We believe that our agenda, beliefs, and opinions should be checked at the door when we enter a pregnant, birthing, or postpartum woman's space. We do this work ultimately because we believe choice is the most important thing to our clients. Your autonomy, independence and ability to act on your own behalf, is what we strive to preserve. The moment a doula begins acting according to her own beliefs or agenda, she has begun to contribute to the problem of women losing their ability to maintain control of their own birth experiences. Your body, your baby, your birth, YOUR CHOICE.

2. Compassionate:

Evangeline and Ashley have both been exactly where you are. Our ability to empathize with you goes beyond an outsider's understanding. Sometimes the most valuable thing we can do with you is be "in" the experience with you, to validate your feelings and listen to them completely. Birth is not just a physical phenomenon. It is one of the most profound experiences that has the ability to transform you emotionally and spiritually. Providing physical support for you is one of the things we do, but perhaps even more importantly, we are there for your less tangible needs: listening, feeling, and being with you. 

3. Professional:

While supporting birth families is a passion and a calling for us, it is also the way we make our living. We take continuing education, certification, and excellence in service for our clients very seriously because this is our profession, not a hobby. 

4. Authentic:

Birth is one of the only experiences in life that can bring out your rawest most authentic forms. It is beautiful in that way. Your most essential self is brought to the surface, and it is always such a humbling sight to watch the wonder of humanity completely shine through. In order for this transformation to fully occur, you have to feel safe with your birth team. That safety, we believe, can only be provided by first showing you our own authenticity. Exchanges between clients and doulas should be open and honest. Our own authenticity is necessary for you to feel like you can be true to yourself with us.

5. Reliable:

When you hire Pensacola Birth Services, you hire not just one, but two doulas. You interview both Ashley and Evangeline, and get to know both in individual prenatal appointments. Both Ashley and Evangeline have worked in a solo practice, but no matter if either of us took one or three births in a month's time, there was always the risk of clients laboring at the same time. This way, we ensure seamless back-up, a fresh doula if a you have a lengthy labor, and a doula who is not burned out because she just so happened to have two longer labors back-to-back. All of the above were experiences we've had and made the work seem unsustainable as well as not ideal for our clients. Our solution was to team up with a doula who is like-minded to provide even better service to our clients. 

6. Resourceful:

The great thing about working with two doulas is that you have the pooled resources of two very resourceful women. Ashley and Evangeline have been hard at work creating relationships with members of the community for the sole purpose of forming a network of resources for their clients. We both have specific areas of interest that overlap in some ways but complement each other in other ways. One of the greatest advantages of working together has been that we are able to bring our own areas of expertise and intuition to help a client problem-solve. It turns out that two heads really is better than one. 

7. Open-Minded:

We are constantly learning from our clients that because birth is so all-encompassing in how it affects us, there is no one client, one birth, or one way to do anything. We respect your cultural, religious, and personal background and understand its importance in your birth choices and delivery.