Mother's Day Launch Giveaway

There could not be a better way to launch than to do it on Mother's Day with an extra special giveaway! We are so excited to announce that we (Ashley Barnes and Evangeline Schepper) will be working together to provide shared care of our clients starting in October of this year! Evangeline will be returning from the birth of her daughter Matilda due to happen in August. Meanwhile, Ashley will have been a busy doula with a full calendar and ready for some help starting in the fall. 

We want to say that we appreciate every single snotty nose you have wiped, every answer you have given to the question "Why?", every diaper you have changed, and every kiss you have planted on a forehead. Motherhood can be a thankless job, filled with intangible gratification. It is a beautifully hectic job and a privilege. More than anything else, it is a role that never stops. On this Mother's Day, Ashley is getting to spend rare time with the mothers in her life in Nevada. While Evangeline is treated by her husband and 3-year-old son to a special farm-to-table brunch at Milton's Cold Water Gardens. Amidst all the festivities, we are still holding close our little one after a fall or preparing our childcare calendar for the following week. Neither of us would have it any other way than to do the work we love and embrace the continuous work of both motherhood and doulahood. 

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